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The Ten Commandments

1) Thou shall drink plenty of water

Its serious miracle juice! Not only does it keep you hydrated but by making sure you drink lots of water also improves your skin, hair and nails. So drink up!

2) Thou shall always take off their make-up before bed

No matter what, this is a must! Sleeping in your slap will sink into your pores and could cause you to break out in spots, and let’s be honest who needs that! It also makes it twice as hard to get off the next day!

3) Thou shall always be armed with make-up wipes

Wherever you go, make up wipes are a must! For quickly removing make-up, freshening up or even sorting out your split lunch down your favourite top, make up wipes are a must have where you may be! I swear by them.

4) Thou shall believe in the power of Sudocrem and Vaseline

The magic creams. Sudocrem can be used for things like blemishes, sores and cuts. Vaseline can be used on your lips, eyelashes, hands, feet… The list is endless! So have faith and embrace the Vaseline and Sudocrem!

5) Thou shall moisturise daily

Although it can be a pain (I know of all people), I can’t stress enough how important it is to moisturise your skin! Not only is it ‘feeding’ your skin with good bits it also keeps them super soft!

6) Thou shall invest in some dry shampoo/talc

Washing your hair everyday can cause it to be limp and lifeless, you may get a flaky scalp and your hair may even begin to get more greasy. So investing in some dry shampoo for your days between washes will help your hair look super fresh and keep all of the good oils locked in.

7) Thou shall eat a healthy diet of fruit and veg

Sorry to all of you sweet-tooths out there (myself included) but what you put into your body is essentially, will result in what your skin is like right? So if you fuel up on crisps, sweets and chocolate.. healthy, glowing hair, skin and nails wont be coming your way. Instead swap the kit-kat for a kiwi or the crisps for a crunchy veg stir-fry. But hey, it’s not all bad… a bit of chocolate in the diet never hurt anyone!

8) Thou shall feel the love for Beyoncé and SING AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!

It has been proven that have a sing-song at the top of your lungs actually makes you feel better as it releases endorphins (the feel good chemical) into the brain, good for us! Maybe bad for the neighbours? Oopsie.

9) Thou shall not be afraid to experiment!

We all should embrace the power of being a female with each other and appreciate other people looks and styles and experiment! How are we supposed to know that a blonde bob wont suit us if we’ve never had it? Or if red lips isn’t the one for you? Just go for it! People make mistakes but if you have your besties with you to laugh it off, it could all turn out to be quite fun.

10) Thou shall always remember that inner beauty is the most beautiful of all.  

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